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“Vaxxed” the Health Freedom Movement

Ripen My Life / “Vaxxed” the Health Freedom Movement

“Vaxxed” the Health Freedom Movement


Vaxxed Blog

A call to all parents and anyone considering to have kids. I will do my best to make this short. I feel compelled to encourage you to take a quick three minutes to view a documentary trailer that is igniting a health revolution all across the world. The content in this film concerns every single person and family on this planet because it provides evidence that our government health and safety institutions cannot be trusted any longer. Vaxxed is not about debating whether all vaccines are good or bad but rather the deep rooted ethical issues that our country faces with some of the most powerful and influential organizations in the world, such as the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The Vaxxed team has been on a nationwide tour bringing support and awareness all across the country.  Putting all debate on science aside it is critical to take into account the hundreds of thousands of families that have vaccine injured children. What do you think when you hear countless parents say ” after the shots my child was never the same, he/she stopped making eye contact, lost the ability to speak, could no longer walk, broke out in a high fever and starting having seizures”?  These accounts need to be taken into serious consideration and cannot be discredited. No one knows their child better than the parents, not even the physician. Please view the trailer with an open heart and mind and lets change the structure of our system together.

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Educational Reads 

Niel Z Miller Books

Vaccination is not Immunization-Sactity of Human Blood, by Tim O’Shea

The Doctor Within 

Vaccination Voodoo, by Catherine j Frompovich, Paul G King PhD, Mike Adams

Vaccine-nation, by Andreas Moritz

Vaccine Epidemic,  by Louise Kuo Habakus, Mary Holland, Kim Mack Rosenberg

Dissolving Illusions, by Susan Humphry