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Ripen My Life / Gardening


Gardening /Self Sustainability

Gardening and self sustainability is essential knowledge that has been lost over time. It is important to our health and the planet to get reconnected.  Getting in touch with the roots of our survival in a healthy way is important  so we don’t  continue to be dependent on corporations for our basic needs to survive.  Besides the corporate way is convenient  and cheap, it’s making everything on this plant sick and diseased.  If you really want to heal yourself from the inside out start by being around plants, growing food and crafting ways to be more self reliant in how you feed yourself and use utilities in your home. It feels good to care about our environment, to acknowledge the fact we wouldn’t be here without it. This section will include everything from gardening, farming, water, soil, earth, air, energy conservation and anything having to do with living off grid.


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