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30 Day Kickstart Nutrition Program

Ripen My Life / 30 Day Kickstart Nutrition Program

30 Day Kickstart Nutrition Program

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Welcome to my 30 Day Kickstart nutrition program!

This program is for anyone and can be modified based on your current nutrition habits. Remember,  what you put into your body is 75% of achieving your healthy results. Keep in mind that striving for optimal health is a lifelong journey which takes time, patience, persistence, dedication and the willingness to be open minded and experiment. What works for one person may not work for you, that is why the cookie cutter approach is a struggle. This 30 day program is intended to get you off all the processed crap and start eating real wholesome food which our bodies are designed to utilize. I am not going to sugar coat it, being a mindful and conscious consumer does take brain power, focus, time and money. But aren’t you worth the investment? You can either pay for it now by eating clean to prevent disease or you can short change yourself by eating fake food and have astronomical medical costs. This program is also designed to encourage you to shop and cook your own meals as this is one of the most challenging aspect of eating healthy. Basically if you set your health as a top priority in your life you will absolutely find the time and resources to make this happen, it’s how life works. Set your priorities, you are worth every penny you make and you deserve to feel the absolute best you possibly can.

I also encourage you to use the resources on my site  and become familiar with my “Foundational Health Food Pyramid”. If you start to explore the topics on the base of the pyramid I promise it will make eating healthy a lot more motivating. There are many options to this program that can help keep you accountable along the way. For example when you purchase the packet with all the recipes you get your first session with me for $55 a value of $95, you may use this session however you please, nutrition consulting, habit change analysis, exercise assessment, cardio assessment, movement screening and injury prevention postural observation. You may also print out and complete the “Wellness Questionnaire” located in the resources section of the website for a more in depth screening of your bad and good habits. There will be times where there is a health dilemma that is outside of my line of expertise, in this case I will   recommend you to see a sought out professional or alternative medicine doctor so we can continue to make progress.

I truly wish you the best of luck on your journey and I am here to help you any way I can. I am always learning along with you.

Always remember “no one can save us but ourselves. No one no way. We ourselves must walk the path” -Buddha

Peace and Good Health

Corinne Denson