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Ripen My Life / Lifestyle

A Perspective on Natural Birth Number Two

As I embark on this journey again there are so many emotions that come and go. People say to me often “it must be better that you know how labor is now” honestly, I felt better about not knowing.  A good friend and doula told me that “knowing the experience will better help be handle the obstacles” and that is what I keep telling myself. Even as challenging as my first 5-hour labor was I wouldn’t do it any other way. Bringing my baby into this world enduring whatever pain it requires I believe is all part of the experience that is meant to be. Don’t get me wrong, I have all the sympathy for women that choose the alternative and thank God for medical...


VAXXED! Ignoring this is Supporting the Corruption!

Greetings dear friends and family, I want to share an experience that has been life changing. On Wed May 18th Jaron and I went to see Vaxxed in Westlake. This documentary is so powerful it will shake this world and begin to wake people up to the corruption that goes on in our government and science. Vaxxed is not about whether or not all vaccines are right or wrong, it is about the lies and manipulation of data done by the CDC. This is not an issue that should be ignored. This information is important to all of us especially the well being of our children and brining justice to the families with vaccine injured children. I am writing this to encourage you to see the...


What do the Denson’s do part 2

What do the Denson's do? Part 2 Hello! This is part 2 of what the Denson's do when we go shopping for food. Continuing our discussion from my last post where we go shopping, today we are going to discuss what we look or look out for when making choices for our family. This topic will be about why we choose to avoid Genetically Modified Foods and why we choose to only purchase Organic. Because these two topics are interrelated we will be combining them in one discussion. If you are not familiar with what GMO's are I highly recommend looking into this topic for the sake of your families health and our environment. Here is one of my favorite resources for current and accurate GMO information Responsible Technology-Jeffery...


What do the Denson’s do!

What do the Denson's do? When it comes to healthy eating we make shopping and preparing our meals a priority in our home.  Living in the beautiful Santa Monica mountains I want to share with all my local peeps how we shop and what I look for. Because I could write a book on this topic I am going to break this blog into sections. We will start with big picture concepts and work our way down to narrowing our focus on specifics. I will be honest being healthy takes work and dedication. Just like anything in life if you want to achieve anything and become successful at whatever your working towards it takes commitment. Improving the quality of your life is an ongoing process of learning...