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Ripen My Life / Health

The Expression of Love Through Cooking

The Expression of Love Through Cooking   While making this delicious butternut squash soup for my family the words of Monica Castillo ran through my head. One evening while taking Monica's "my open kitchen" class in Malibu , she was describing her joy for food and said " when you cook for your family, that is an expression of love". While cooking this butternut squash soup for my family today that statement really sunk in on so many levels. As I was looking at the bright vibrant colors of the squash, sweet potatoes, celery, curry powder mixed in with the pure white coconut cream I admired this amazing array of healthy food that only our amazing earth could grow for us. All the reasons I love to...


Spraying Pesticides in National Parks Should be Illegal!

Hello Folks, Here is an email I wrote to the National Park Service. If you feel compelled to help please contact me and I would be happy to give you the appropriate contact. Let me know your thoughts. NPS, I am contacting you about a very disturbing issue  regarding poison being sprayed in the local Malibu parks. Even though this is a community and world issue this matter is specific to Solstice Canyon Park. I was at Solstice Canyon Park Wed, April 27th hosting a small lady bug release class for the local children and moms in Malibu. My son (19 months) and I arrived a little early taking a stroll on the path down by the creek. I reached down to show my son something and pulled my...


Disturbing Chemicals in Parks with Our Kids

Here is what I encountered today at Solstice Cyn in Malibu hosting a kids group. This is a email I wrote to poison free Malibu  Poison Free Malibu  calling out for help! Hello Kian, I wanted to touch base with you about a very disturbing encounter I had today at Solstice Cyn Park. I was hosting a kids lady bug event with babies and toddlers, as me and my 18 month old son were strolling around the mini amphitheater and picnic area I noticed this green/blue coloration all over the plants where kids play. I instantly realized this had to be some weed killer or pesticide. I was beside myself! feeling like I wanted to call the cops. This type of toxicity in our natural environment and...