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A Perspective on Natural Birth Number Two

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A Perspective on Natural Birth Number Two

As I embark on this journey again there are so many emotions that come and go. People say to me often “it must be better that you know how labor is now” honestly, I felt better about not knowing.  A good friend and doula told me that “knowing the experience will better help be handle the obstacles” and that is what I keep telling myself. Even as challenging as my first 5-hour labor was I wouldn’t do it any other way. Bringing my baby into this world enduring whatever pain it requires I believe is all part of the experience that is meant to be. Don’t get me wrong, I have all the sympathy for women that choose the alternative and thank God for medical intervention when truly needed. But deep intuition and spiritual guidance has given me the strength and reassurance this is the pure form of human evolution. I keep ruminating in my mind that my body knows what to do, it is made for this event. My mental focus and surrender is something I need to harness while avoiding temptation of fear or doubt. I am truly excited about what I will learn from this birth. When you feel all the sensations of your baby making its way down you have a sense of control because your body is guiding you through the process without your consent or permission. I also wonder to myself what is the psychological influence on my baby with having a natural birth? Is there any? I feel that on some level it can have an impact on our child. The decision to endure any amount of pain for our child is a sacrifice, maybe this deep unconditional sacrificial love for our child does impact the mental state and connection between mother and baby?

The art of midwifery is such a beautiful process. The wisdom, respect, knowledge and deep instinctual ability that a midwife obtains is such a comforting and freeing feeling. The respect midwives have for you, your body, your rights and the safety of your baby are superior to the conventional mentality of birth. A good midwife does not have corporate influence, nor do they have the restraints of abiding by someone else’s rules in a hospital. They can choose to make decisions that are truly in the best interest for the patient.  I cannot thank my midwife Robyn Pool at her Push Center in Thousand Oaks for her real and genuine nature. There is no bullshit with her and I appreciate the deep compassion she has for what she does. Thank you Robyn!


Lastly, one of the best decision we have ever made is to not vaccinate our kids. Years of research and listening to the horrific vaccine injury induced stories from parents has driven us to a serious lack of trust within our oversight agencies in our government.  I totally get this is a very controversial topic but if you open your heart and start asking serious question the answer is clear, it’s actually crystal clear. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look directly on the CDC website or the package insert that comes with the vaccine to realize that there are many harmful substances in these products. All it takes is a little common sense and some research on your own. Don’t take my word for it or your doctor’s. Take the information you find out for yourself.

For some basic resources to start check out

Vaxxed the documentary or go to www.vaxxed.com 

Trace Amount on Netflix

Love and good health



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