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Favorite Healthy Winter Meal!

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Favorite Healthy Winter Meal!

Favorite Winter Meal!


I wanted to share one of my favorite meals  that can be made as a healthy  breakfast, lunch or dinner. This meal includes my homemade sauerkraut recipe  that can be found on my site.   Once you get the hang of this meal it is so quick and easy.  I personally like my eggs a little runny over the potatoes.


Sweet potatoes or yams

Coconut oil

Good quality salt

Spinach or chard



  • Dice potatoes into cubes and fry in 3 tablespoons coconut oil until golden brown. Turn off heat and sprinkle salt.
  • Sauté spinach or chard in avocado or coconut oil until tender, set aside.
  • Cook egg to desired liking and place on top of potatoes.
  • Include side of greens and sauerkraut and ENJOY!

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