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Let’s be the change Now

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Let’s be the change Now

A note from Corinne

Hello my friends,

The health freedom movement has been a huge part of my life lately. Having a child has fueled my passion and drive to make this world a less corrupt place.  One of the hardest obstacles during this journey of change is convincing people to care about the issues concerning humanity. I have to keep reminding myself that not everyone cares. But being the persistent, relentless person I am I choose to not give up hope that a thought of  interest can manifest into passion and activism .  Somehow that is how we all started anyway. The pressure to succeed, prosper, buy material things and make ends meet are obstacles we all face.  But if your priorities naturally shift because you view the world from a different place, miraculously your desire for knowledge becomes  addictive and the quest for truth begins. You then somehow make time for these important matters and your mission becomes clear. I keep asking myself what does it take for this consciousness shift to happen? What does it take for someone to really start caring about big world  issues? Maybe my question will never get answered but in the meantime I will never give up in helping plant the seed of curiosity and inspiration in people’s mind.

Why do I say all this? Because I feel compelled to share the concerns I have about the corruption in our world with politics and government (since they have such a huge influence on us all). It is hard to stray away from the herd, but will you follow blindly off the cliff or will you be the stray that runs in the other direction?  The masses have too much faith within our government and political system. I think it’s healthy to ask questions, who is really in it for the wellbeing of humanity or for power and profit? This is an impossible question to  answer as we may never really know because the sinners and saints are all mixed together ruthlessly gnawing at each other’s limbs,  for hope and desperation that their agendas are the final outcome. There are amazing heroes and devil humans all working together. My point is that we should be looking within ourselves for the answers, not external entities such as corporations and government agencies.  Like what food is healthy and the hypnotizing media on TV filled with superficial nonsense coercing us to want and need things that don’t really satisfy anything but our selfish desires.   You know who knows best? YOU! Your gut, your instincts and intuition. Those feelings are the ones that got man as far as it has since the beginning of time.

With this said I really hope you will consider thinking about what our freedom means as humans on this planet. That we are all equal, wealthy or not. I will not let Obama Care tell me how to manage my health by forcing me to buy insurance that I will never use and get penalized for that! I will not let the wealthiest food corporations convince me that their processed crap is healthy for my body. I will not sit back and trust that GMO’s are safe and that I am ok with pesticides being sprayed all over my food. And when the top scientist from the Center for Disease Control comes forth and confesses that the CDC has committed scientific fraud on the MMR vaccine study, I question the whole pharmaceutical industry! Does this spark any curiosity? Does this make you wonder? Does this make you mad? Does that make you want to be a part of the solution rather than the problem? If this does, than start demanding answers and let your voice be heard because that’s what is changing this world every day. Your voice, and your concern for change.

If you would like to join the health freedom movement on the topic of vaccines and pharmaceutical influence, please come and see the film Vaxxed playing February 3rd 7:15pm 122 N Topanga Canyon Blvd, Topanga, CA 90290-3836,  with special guest speaker Brandy Vaughan a former Merk rep whistleblower and founder of Learntherisk.org.  This is a revolution, there is an army of us that support it and we hope you will come and join us.

To view the trailer go here Vaxxed movie trailer

To Learn the risk about Vaccines go to www.learntherisk.org

Best of Health,

Corinne Denson


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