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Chemicals On Your Skin! Don’t do it!

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Chemicals On Your Skin! Don’t do it!

For the people who know me I tend to be blunt about things, especially when it comes our health. Well…. I am going to be blunt about the use of disgusting toxic sunscreen. The toxic overload on this planet is an epidemic and I figure reducing the toxins that are in our control is a good start to preventing disease and illness. A good start is to think about what you are really putting on your body. It should be common sense that anything you put on your skin makes its way into your blood circulating your whole system. With this thought in mind perhaps putting chemicals and a host of unknowns on your skin while exposed to sun is a bad combination. I am not just pulling this crap out my ass. Click here for some information  EWG Info There are many independent studies linking toxic sunscreen to skin cell issues. It should also be known that most skin care product have long list of words you cannot pronounce because it is made in a chemical lab to produce a product as cheap as possible and for your convenience. Not to mention most if not all skin care products have a fragrance which comes with its own host of secret chemical killers and trade secrete ingredients that we will never  know about.  My recommendation is don’t freak out about getting a little sun without sunscreen, it’s actually good for you.  If you feel you are going to get burned put on some clothes, zinc or use a product that is chemical free. My favorite sunscreen I use on my 20 month old is Badger. You can get this at most health food stores. It is more pricy but worth your health!

Here is a link to rate of find a better quality sunscreen. EWG Report


A good rule of thumb, most big well known brand names are usually the worst for you! This goes for food products also!


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