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Fluoride the Secret Poison

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Fluoride the Secret Poison


Toxic alert! Do you know what Fluoride is? Do you know what it is used in? Well let me give you a brief explanation. In simple terms Fluoride  is the byproduct from fertilizer plants, sounds healthy right?..This man-made chemical version of Fluoride has no business in our body! You will find many sources on the internet about why Fluoride is safe, of course the big corporations and government agencies will tell you it’s ok, they put it in your water supply. Why? maybe because it’s a sedative? or maybe because they still believe the outdated notion that high levels of Fluoride are healthy for our teeth and totally disregard that fact that it’s poison to the rest of our body. I am sorry but it is common sense to realize that where Fluoride comes from makes this crap straight poison. My good friend was doing some research on Termite Fumigation and she came across this disturbing  information. Take a look for yourself. If you don’t think Fluoride is poison you are sadly mistaken?

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