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The Bomb! Chinese Chicken Salad

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The Bomb! Chinese Chicken Salad

Delicious Chinese Chicken Salad and Dressing

This has to be one of my favorite dishes during the hot months because it is cool and refreshing. I will share with you what I enjoy as our version of a Chinese chicken salad, but you can always play with the ingredients to make it your own.

Salad Ingredients and portions are dependent on what you prefer. Please note in all my recipes I use only Organic ingredients and the rare occasion we eat meat it is always from smaller family farms that raise their animals sustainably and ethically.


shredded red and green cabbage

shredded spinach

diced sugar peas

shredded carrots

sliced almonds

canned tangerines

optional shredded chicken

Sprinkle sesame seeds

 Salad Dressing (note there are no exact measurements as I always wing it to taste)

garlic clove

Chinese five-spice powder

miso paste

maple syrup

rice vinegar

sesame oil




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