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VAXXED! Ignoring this is Supporting the Corruption!

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VAXXED! Ignoring this is Supporting the Corruption!

Greetings dear friends and family,

I want to share an experience that has been life changing. On Wed May 18th Jaron and I went to see Vaxxed in Westlake. This documentary is so powerful it will shake this world and begin to wake people up to the corruption that goes on in our government and science. Vaxxed is not about whether or not all vaccines are right or wrong, it is about the lies and manipulation of data done by the CDC. This is not an issue that should be ignored. This information is important to all of us especially the well being of our children and brining justice to the families with vaccine injured children. I am writing this to encourage you to see the film. Vaxxed is what freedom of speech is all about in this country, Vaxxed is a story being told by the truth and for the people, not for profit or greed like the mainstream media. The most accurate and truthful information in our society today is from independent sources from people with compassion for each other. Please let me know your thoughts.

To find where Vaxxed is showing please visit Vaxxed Information

To support Malibu and helping us bring Vaxxed to our community please visit Vaxxed Malibu Facebook Page  and like the page.

Thank You !

Corinne Denson


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