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Spraying Pesticides in National Parks Should be Illegal!

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Spraying Pesticides in National Parks Should be Illegal!

Hello Folks,

Here is an email I wrote to the National Park Service. If you feel compelled to help please contact me and I would be happy to give you the appropriate contact. Let me know your thoughts.


I am contacting you about a very disturbing issue  regarding poison being sprayed in the local Malibu parks. Even though this is a community and world issue this matter is specific to Solstice Canyon Park. I was at Solstice Canyon Park Wed, April 27th hosting a small lady bug release class for the local children and moms in Malibu. My son (19 months) and I arrived a little early taking a stroll on the path down by the creek. I reached down to show my son something and pulled my hand up covered in a blue green substance. I started to look all over the ground and it was covered everywhere. I could not believe my eyes, my son was level to all the plants and weeds and there we were surrounded by toxic chemicals everywhere I looked.

How could the National Park Service be letting this continue? Isn’t the NPS supposed to be protecting wildlife, nature and the people that admire it? Instead it has made the decision most likely influenced by the big chemical companies to spray for what reason? This type of poisoning is happening all over the place right under our noses of families and their children.  If we come together and unite perhaps we can make this STOP before it sickens our planet even more and potentially harming our children over and over.  Why on earth do you spray such beautiful pristine land? I am mean seriously ask yourself that question. These  chemical companies are becoming an intoxicating epidemic to our society in more ways than one. There are studies upon studies linking all kinds of health complications from all these synthetic chemicals.

Are you aware of an organization called Poison Free Malibu? They would be a great resource to help back you up in confronting this to the highest level possible. Who are the top decision makers that give the spraying of chemicals the green light?

As a mother and health activist I beg you to please take this matter seriously. Please make the ethical decision to make this stop. Thank you for your time in reading this and hopefully taking this matter into action. You have a huge community of support with you, all you have to do is reach out.

Thank You

Corinne Denson

M.S. Injury Prevention Specialist


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