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What do the Denson’s do!

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What do the Denson’s do!

What do the Denson’s do?

When it comes to healthy eating we make shopping and preparing our meals a priority in our home.  Living in the beautiful Santa Monica mountains I want to share with all my local peeps how we shop and what I look for. Because I could write a book on this topic I am going to break this blog into sections. We will start with big picture concepts and work our way down to narrowing our focus on specifics.

I will be honest being healthy takes work and dedication. Just like anything in life if you want to achieve anything and become successful at whatever your working towards it takes commitment. Improving the quality of your life is an ongoing process of learning and being open minded to new information. A lot of the time going off the beaten path will lead to bigger and greater discoveries with your health, and please know what works for someone else may or may not work for you. It’s truly about experimenting and sticking with what works for your lifestyle, consciousness and logic.

Let’s get started

First it is very important to be mindful of where our food comes from. This determines the quality of our food, ethical practices, how in impacts the environment and avoiding slave labor. When I go shopping I keep all this crystal clear in my mind. I confront the food market with skepticism and instinct, the more I learn the more I am careful of the choices I make.

Where do I go shopping? I really enjoy buying local Fresh produce from the Thorne Farm In Malibu open every Saturday 10-2 pm  Bonsall Dr, Malibu, CA 90265. This is a wonderful place to get top notch quality food, meet the amazing owners and take a trip to beautiful Malibu. I also like to shop at the Calabasas farmers market open Saturday 7 am-1pm. Be careful as not all supplies are organic, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Here at the Calabasas farmers market there are some amazing options to buy top quality meat and seafood. I highly suggest trying it even though it is more pricy, it will encourage you to cut back on eating meat while supporting animal farmers that care about how the animals are treated. Happy meat makes healthier meat.

I also like to shop at Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, Lassen’s and Whole Foods occasionally

What to look for. Number one, I always buy organic no matter what. At least your odds are better not having your food sprayed with nasty chemicals. Second, I really do my best of making sure the food is grown in the U.S. This gives me hope that the standards are tighter, ensuring the harvest time is more prime so the food has better nutrient value and supporting local farmers.

What NOT to buy. As my knowledge has evolved about food and sticking to my animalistic instincts I know to avoid processed food as much as possible. It is hard to be perfect especially when were all so busy but seriously make an effort to really think if what your buying comes directly from the earth? The closer you connect with mother nature the healthier we become, every cell in our body is wired for this connection. So basically anything that comes in a package is made in a factory, torn apart, manipulated, treated, heated, cooked and packaged. When foods go through any process it changes how we metabolize them. When food is processed it loses its healthy vibrationtional energy (the color and molecular cell health).  Think about the less you have in your pantry the better. The only things I keep in my pantry are foods I am forced to prepare such as, rice, beans, baking flours ext. Nothing quick and easy.

This is a good place to start cultivating your thoughts when you shop. Now I encourage you to check out this video that changed my life forever!

Mercy For Animals



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