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What do the Denson’s do part 2

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What do the Denson’s do part 2

What do the Denson’s do? Part 2

Hello! This is part 2 of what the Denson’s do when we go shopping for food.

Continuing our discussion from my last post where we go shopping, today we are going to discuss what we look or look out for when making choices for our family. This topic will be about why we choose to avoid Genetically Modified Foods and why we choose to only purchase Organic. Because these two topics are interrelated we will be combining them in one discussion.

If you are not familiar with what GMO’s are I highly recommend looking into this topic for the sake of your families health and our environment. Here is one of my favorite resources for current and accurate GMO information Responsible Technology-Jeffery Smith.  Learning about this issue will shake and rattle your bones to the point of never turning back to conventional food again. There are so many reasons why we choose to avoid GMO’s. Some of our personal reasons are the following.

  • Not ingesting manipulated genes and DNA
  • Avoiding toxic pesticides and chemicals
  • Don’t want to support a company that is based upon greed and corruption Responsible Technology-Monsanto
  • GMO foods lack the quality of nutrient density
  • GMO crops weaken the soil and poison communities
  • We want to support local organic ethical farmers that have a passion for growing healthy food not working for greed.
  • When you buy food its important to keep in mind when making a purchase you are casting a vote with your money to approve of what that business is doing.



Why do we choose organic? Because we don’t like eating toxic chemicals that can potentially cause any number of health related issue. For current and resourceful information about organic community check out  Organic Consumers Why even take the chance? Just because you cannot taste or smell these chemicals doesn’t mean they aren’t bad for you. Many of the independent tests that have been conducted have proven very significant negative results. For a credible study that was silenced by the big chemical companies check out GMO Seralini. When purchasing food try your best to buy as local as possible from a farm that you know does not use chemicals. Honestly I feel you have to be extra careful these days as the organic movement is catching on because I have found that people and places are making claims that things are organic when actually they are not.


This is a good amount of information for now. I encourage you to investigate, ask questions and be skeptical about the food you put in your body. Your body is your temple, your sacred place that deserves your love and attention. It’s really about choosing foods that come from the earth, handled by people that have the love and compassion for mother nature and all living creatures. The more you learn the easier it becomes to identify quality sources of this type of food.



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