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Disturbing Chemicals in Parks with Our Kids

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Disturbing Chemicals in Parks with Our Kids

Here is what I encountered today at Solstice Cyn in Malibu hosting a kids group. This is a email I wrote to poison free Malibu  Poison Free Malibu  calling out for help!

Hello Kian,

I wanted to touch base with you about a very disturbing encounter I had today at Solstice Cyn Park. I was hosting a kids lady bug event with babies and toddlers, as me and my 18 month old son were strolling around the mini amphitheater and picnic area I noticed this green/blue coloration all over the plants where kids play. I instantly realized this had to be some weed killer or pesticide. I was beside myself! feeling like I wanted to call the cops. This type of toxicity in our natural environment and especially around our kids is totally unacceptable. I know you are working hard to combat this criminal issue. I am curious what the reason for spraying like that is? What in God’s name can I do to help stop this? I am disgusted that Malibu is letting this happen.


Here are some alarming facts about a few of the top chemical companies that are producing these harmful substances and spraying them all over the place where you least expect it! We the people have to stand up and be heard! No one else is going to do it!






Dow Chemicals




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